Aero Wings: Tires can be a drag. Not these.

Aero Wings

Free speed where you least expect it: Game-changing tire design minimizes drag at tire-rim interface for measurable aerodynamic advantage.

Aerodynamic Profile

Tubular tires leave a small indentation where the rim meets the rubber: Clincher tires fit inside the hook bead of the rim, creating a lip at the side of the tire. These lips and indentations disturb the airflow, causing turbulence and aerodynamic drag. Bontrager’s aero wings eliminate most of that space, thereby improving airflow and reducing drag compared to tubulars and standard clinchers.

Available on R2, R3, R4, R4 Aero, AW2, AW3, and AW3 Hard-Case

Comparison of Aerodynamic Profiles

Standard Tubular
Standard Clincher
Bontrager Aero Wing Tire