Our goal - to help you, the rider, be faster on your bike. Armed with cutting-edge technologies, world-class engineers and state-of-the-art production facilities, we are able to design products that are faster, lighter and easier to use. Performance-proven by professional athletes and everyday riders, Bontrager is the ultimate upgrade for race day and every day.

Time Trial Bottle Cages

Never lose a bottle again, thanks to Bontrager's problem solving Race Lite Rear Cage Holder. Designed to hold one or two bottles, the Rear Cage Holder offers multiple angle adjustments and high/low positioning that let's you dial-in just the right position for easy bottle access. Includes two Race Lite Rear Cages.

The ultimate cage for behind-the-saddle carrying systems, the unique design of Bontrager's Tri Cage won't drop or eject bottles, no matter how rough the road.

Aero Bike Tires

Every second counts. Every watt precious. Nothing gets between you and a PR. The R4 Aero road tire is your tire - with it's aerodynamic profile, Aero Wings and 220 tpi casing, this tire lives up to it's billing as the World's Fastest Tire. All that and it even has Hard-Case Lite protection so flats won't even mess up your plans.

Bontrager's Latex Tubes are an ideal solution for riders who prefer the convenience of clinchers yet seek the supple feel of a tubular. The latex material reduces rolling resistance while their elasticity improves resistance to punctures and pinch flats. There is also a weight savings when compared to standard butyl tubes.

Aero Bars

Tuck into that aero position at your next race without worrying if your handlebars are legal in the eyes of the UCI. The full-carbon fiber Bontrager UCI Legal Speed Concept bars are fully legal, and built for speed. Extensions, arm pads and hardware sold separately.

A perfect complement to Bontrager's Race X Lite Clip-On Aerobar, the X Lite Bullhorn uses a high compression molded carbon airfoil wing shape and internal cable routing to slice through the wind.

Optimized in the wind tunnel, Bontrager's Race X Lite Carbon Clip-On Aerobars use a unique clamping mechanism that mounts securely but is gentle on carbon fiber and lightweight aluminum bars. Constructed from high compression molded carbon and lightweight, forged aluminum, the X Lite Aerobar features aerodynamic internal cable routing and fits oversized 31.8mm handlebars.

Further refine your aero tuck and achieve a more comfortable position with these extensions specifically designed to work with Bontrager Aerobars.

Assume a more aero position with the custom butted 6061-T6 aluminum Bontrager Race Lite Aero Bullhorn bars. The proven KammTail Virtual Foil (KVF) profile meets UCI's 3:1 profile limitation. Standard or Di2 cables can be internally routed, and brake lever positioning is a breeze thanks to laser-etched positioning lines.

Settle into a comfortable aero position for more efficient and faster riding when you stretch out onto the Race Aero Clip-Ons. With a sculpted aero shape optimized in the wind tunnel, these formed and forged aluminum ergonomic aero extensions transform your regular bullhorn or road drop bars into the perfect tools for training and racing. Great for triathletes looking to transform a traditional road bike into a sleek, aerodynamic competitive machine.

This bar is ideally suited for use with a clip-on aerobar or as a standalone handlebar for fixed-gear or city bikes. Single groove design makes brake cable routing less intrusive. Fabricated from custom butted 2014-T6 aluminum and compatible with Aero brake levers.

Aero Bar Accessories

Designed for use on Trek 2012 Speed Concept bikes, the stealthy full carbon fiber Bontrager Speed Concept (Gen 1) Race X Lite Stem is lightweight, aerodynamic and will help you carve through the wind to improve your bike splits.

Everything you need to keep your aero components in top working order or fine tune your aero position.

Time Trial Bags

Conveniently stow your ride essentials in a completely integrated aerodynamic storage container.

Keep your race-day nutritional supplements close at hand with Bontrager's Hilo Speed Box.

Time Trial Brake Levers

The ultimate brake levers for both triathletes and time trialists with a wind tunnel sculpted shape, adjustable reach and the ability to switch between wide and traditional width wheels without tools.


Designed specifically for Speed Concept frames, this full-carbon, highly aero seatpost is customizable with a reversible design and available accessories: 35mm head offers 75 to 82 degrees; 10mm and carbon rail-specific head is also available.

Designed exclusively for Trek's Equinox TTX bikes, this extremely aerodynamic seatpost uses proprietary OCLV Carbon technology to keep weight low and strength high. The one-bolt seatpost head provides adjustment along three axes: fore and aft, side to side, and up and down. Symmetric design allows you to run either a 20mm rearward or 20mm forward offset, effectively changing your seat tube angle from a traditional 73 degrees to an aggressive 79 degrees.

Available in 35mm or 10mm offsets, as well as a carbon rail-specific model, for optimal fit and customization, these forged alloy post heads are super strong and light, with a one-bolt design for easy, secure mounting.

Bontrager Wheelworks: 
Precision. Crafted.

Bontrager Wheelworks: Precision. Crafted.

Hard-Case tire cross section

Anti-flat. Pro performance.

2015 Aeolus

Lighter, wider, and still fastest

Learn what makes Aeolus D3 faster and better than the competition.

Dual Direction Design

Aeolus D3: white paper

Download an in-depth look at the development and performance of Aeolus D3 wheels.

Bontrager Aero Wing

Aero Wings: Tires can be a drag. Not these.

Aero Wings

R4 Aero

R4 Aero: World’s Fastest Tire

The R4 Aero—or what we refer to as the world's fastest tire—is just that. We set out to create a tire that excelled in aerodynamics and in rolling resistance. The result, the fastest tire on the market, in every wind angle, at every speed.