Bike Handlebars

Bontrager offers bike handlebars for nearly every type of riding imaginable. Commuters, mountain biker riders and Tour winners alike will be equally impressed with the performance, control, options and comfort found in Bontrager's extensive handlebar collection.

Road Bike Handlebars & Drop Bars

Dramatically improve your efficiency, confidence and speed when you wrap your hands around the XXX Aero bars. Engineered to increase efficiency and performance on every level, the unique aero profile on these lightweight OCLV carbon bars is proven to save up to 23 seconds per hour over traditional round bars. Internal routing further calms turbulent airflow, and is compatible with electronic shifting systems from Shimano and Campagnolo. The proven KVF profile meets UCI's 3:1 profile limitation.

A testament to the power of judicious composite engineering, the XXX handlebar is not only incredibly light and stiff, but also offers an unmatched ride quality. What's more, the unique Variable Radius Compact bend creates a larger hand position that's ideal for quick transitions from the tops to the drops.

Turn cobbles into concrete. Integrating IsoZone foam pads directly into the bar's construction provides a minimal increase in diameter, a minimal increase in weight and displaces vibration by 20%. Plus flared drops are more ergonomic for comfortable power.

The Race X Lite Blade now includes a compact variable radius drop along with OCLV carbon construction and a large upper platform for improved hand contact, comfort and feel.

Wrap your hands around the Race Lite Aero handlebars for a wind-cheating ride. Shaped from 6066-T6 aluminum, these bars are proven to save up to 23 seconds per hour compared to traditional round bars. Internal cable routing helps to further calms turbulent air, and is compatible with electronic shifting systems from Shimano and Campagnolo. The proven KVF profile meets UCI 3:1 profile limitation.

Turn cobbles into concrete. Integrating IsoZone foam pads directly into the bar's construction provides a minimal increase in diameter, a minimal increase in weight and displaces vibration by 20%. Plus flared drops are more ergonomic for comfortable power.

Shot peened and anodized for the ultimate fatigue life, the Race Lite uses custom butted 7075 aluminum to achieve the lowest possible weight without sacrificing strength and durability.

The Classic bar provides a traditional round bend with a drop of 145mm, a reach of 89mm and more bar at the ends.

The VR-C (compact) shape provides the same reach as Bontrager's VR (Variable Radius) bars with a 10mm shallower drop, allowing the rider to access the drops more quickly and without having to bend over as far.

Mountain Bike Handlebars & Flat Bars

Elegant form meets comfortable shape with the Hammerhead Bar/Stem Combo. Wrap your hands around this premium carbon fiber masterpiece, and start hammering for ultimate performance.

“Compliant to the Nth Degree,” the new CnD profile shape of the XXX Flat Handlebar serves up a more controlled and forgiving ride, and is our lightest off-road carbon fiber bar.

The Race Lite Riser mountain bike handlebar is the perfect lightweight weapon for a hard-fought PR on a local climb or even a podium at the local cross-country race, or a durable tool for long excursions along epic singletrack. Triple-butted alloy keeps it stiff and light for power and strength.

When you start to up your game, climbing hard and dropping in, upgrade your rig with the strong Bontrager Riser alloy bars. Butted to keep weight down and shot-peened for durability, plus pre-etched for custom sizing.

Wrap your hands around the 25.4mm clamp diameter custom-butted 6061 T-6 alloy Bontrager Approved mountain bike handlebar, and get ready for a great ride. This adaptable bar is 600mm wide, and available as a flat bar with 7 degrees of sweep, or as a riser bar with 6 degrees of sweep.

Mountain Rise

With a wide stance and an optimized riser profile that puts hands in the perfect position, the Rhythm Pro offers ultimate control, no matter how challenging the terrain gets. OCLV carbon construction provides an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, while the oversized 31.8mm clamp area creates a stiff, secure interface with the stem.

Built using a OCLV carbon construction, the Race X Lite features a combined rise, upsweep, and backsweep that's been optimized for carbon construction. Designed and tested to meet Bontrager's stringent standards for fatigue and impact strength.

Go ahead and try to hurt this bar. Not gonna happen! The quad-butted alloy riser bar with a beefy mid-section can handle anything the mountain can dish, and remains light and stiff enough to hammer back up to do it again. With laser etched marking for dialed brake lever placement and 40mm of cut marks on each side for customization.

These chromoly Bontrager Hi-Rise mountain bike handlebars feature a high 50mm rise and 5 degree sweep for riders who prefer a more upright riding position.

Triathlon & Time Trial Handlebars

Tuck into that aero position at your next race without worrying if your handlebars are legal in the eyes of the UCI. The full-carbon fiber Bontrager UCI Legal Speed Concept bars are fully legal, and built for speed. Extensions, arm pads and hardware sold separately.

Improve your bike split with a new aero position on your Trek Speed Concept (Gen 2) with the OCLV Carbon Fiber Bontrager Speed Concept Mono bar extensions. These straight and S-Bend extensions are designed to be cut to length, and have internal routing for standard or Di2 cables.

A perfect complement to Bontrager's Race X Lite Clip-On Aerobar, the X Lite Bullhorn uses a high compression molded carbon airfoil wing shape and internal cable routing to slice through the wind.

Optimized in the wind tunnel, Bontrager's Race X Lite Carbon Clip-On Aerobars use a unique clamping mechanism that mounts securely but is gentle on carbon fiber and lightweight aluminum bars. Constructed from high compression molded carbon and lightweight, forged aluminum, the X Lite Aerobar features aerodynamic internal cable routing and fits oversized 31.8mm handlebars.

Assume a more aero position with the custom butted 6061-T6 aluminum Bontrager Race Lite Aero Bullhorn bars. The proven KammTail Virtual Foil (KVF) profile meets UCI's 3:1 profile limitation. Standard or Di2 cables can be internally routed, and brake lever positioning is a breeze thanks to laser-etched positioning lines.

Like its lighter sibling the RXL Carbon, the RL Clip-On features a unique clamping mechanism that mounts securely but gently on carbon fiber and lightweight aluminum bars. Wind tunnel sculpted for maximum aero efficiency, the aluminum-construction RL uses internal cable routing and ergonomic S-bend extensions to minimize presentation to the wind.

Settle into a comfortable aero position for more efficient and faster riding when you stretch out onto the Race Aero Clip-Ons. With a sculpted aero shape optimized in the wind tunnel, these formed and forged aluminum ergonomic aero extensions transform your regular bullhorn or road drop bars into the perfect tools for training and racing. Great for triathletes looking to transform a traditional road bike into a sleek, aerodynamic competitive machine.

This bar is ideally suited for use with a clip-on aerobar or as a standalone handlebar for fixed-gear or city bikes. Single groove design makes brake cable routing less intrusive. Fabricated from custom butted 2014-T6 aluminum and compatible with Aero brake levers.

Everything you need to keep your aero components in top working order or fine tune your aero position.

City & Commuter Handlebars

The inForm Satellite Plus IsoZone handlebar system is the complete solution for numb hands. The handlebar's unique, built-in IsoZone elastomer insert acts like suspension for your hands, helping to disperse pressure, reduce vibration, and absorb impact. And the inForm grip's ergonomic, paddle-shaped design eases pressure on the ulnar nerve, the major source of hand discomfort, numbness, and fatigue. Together, this handlebar system reduces peak hand pressure by nearly 30%, for a difference you can really feel.

Bar Ends

The perfect high-performance XC accessory, the Race X Lite bar end uses high compression molded carbon to achieve a natural-fitting and comfortable shape. The forged and polished aluminum clamp is ergonomically designed so that your hands stay comfortable no matter where they're positioned on the bar. Plus, the no crush clamp design is safe for use on carbon handlebars.

Inspired by everyday products, like computer mice, the simple and ergonomic shape provides all day comfort and ease of use. Great for longer rides - commuting or mountain biking. Carbon friendly clamp allows this to be used on carbon handlebars.

Cold-forged and welded for strength, these classic L-bend bar ends feature a knurled and shot blasted surface that's designed to prevent hand slippage.

Increase your comfort with more hand positions and improve your climbing leverage with a pair of Bontrager Forged Bar Ends. Rough blasted and anodized for better grip, these bar ends feature a low-profile bolt and clamp design that's less likely to cause top tube dents.

inForm Satellite Plus IsoZone Handlebar

inForm Satellite Plus IsoZone Handlebar System

The complete solution for numb hands. Hand soreness, numbness, and fatigue are common complaints for hybrid, fitness, and long-distance mountain bike riders. Bontrager's new inForm Satellite Plus IsoZone Handlebar System uses Science of Comfort technology to relieve pressure on the hands, so you can ride longer and more comfortably.