Bike Tools

From work stands to multi-tools to shop-quality tools for suspension and bearing maintenance, whether you maintain your bike at home or want to be prepared for emergency repairs, Bontrager has the bike tools you need to keep rolling.

Bike Multi-Tools

High performance bicycles require precision during setup and adjustment. The Preset Torque Wrench provides secure adjustments while preventing damage to lightweight bars and forks from over-tightening.

Fish Blade


A bottle opener, a spoke wrench, and a key chain, all in the shape of a fish (sort of)!

Multi Tool


Don't succumb to a minor mechanical: This lightweight multi tool is compact enough to fit in any saddle bag or jersey pocket, but packs all the basic tools for typical quick-fixes on your road, trail or urban adventure.

Tire Lever


Take some of the frustration out of flat repair with a pair of anatomically shaped, robust tire levers from Bontrager.

Repair Stands

Repair Stand Replacement Parts

₩3,000 - ₩16,000

Sometimes even your bicycle repair stand needs its own repairs. Get that stand back into service with Genuine Bontrager repair stand replacement parts.

The only safe and secure way to hold a Madone seatmast in a traditional workstand, Bontrager's Repair Stand Adapter features a wrap-around, clamshell design that perfectly matches the seatmast's outer shape. Adapter handle fits both clamp-style and screw-type repair stands.

Shop Tools

Sticks happen. With storage space for a spare hanger and sized to fit both ABP nuts, you'll be prepared for the next stick that comes your way.