Replacement Parts

Wear happens! Keep your Bontrager and Trek products working properly with genuine Bontrager and Trek replacement parts.

Bike Wheel Parts

Replacement Skewers

₩17,600 - ₩26,000

Replace lost or damaged skewers with original Bontrager replacement skewers. Designed to replace original Bontrager skewers, these will also add an attractive touch to non-Bontrager wheels.

TLR Tire Sealant

₩34,900 - ₩72,000

Sealing tires, repairing damage and with half the amount of competitors, Bontrager's TLR Sealant is the right choice for any tubeless road or mountain tire. Ammonia-free formula won't corrode Aluminum or degrade tire rubber.

A must-have for deep section rims like Bontrager's Aeolus series wheels, these high quality extenders install between your tubular tire's or inner tube's valve stem and removable Presta valve core. 35mm extender works with Aeolus 5.0 rims (and shallower). 62mm extender designed for Aeolus 6.5.

Bike Computer Parts

Say goodbye to zip ties! The DuoTrap sensor is an ANT+ compatible 2.4GHz wireless sensor that fits directly into the chainstay of certain Trek bicycles for a clean look that preserves aerodynamics and installs in seconds providing both speed and cadence signals.

Get more data from your rides with the Bontrager Interchange Digital Combo speed and cadence sensor. This ANT+ 2.4 GHz is designed to work with Bontrager Node wireless computers. It also works with many other ANT+ enabled devices. Sensor adjustment is easy with the adjustable arm.

Integrated sensor provides a clean look that preserves aerodynamics and a sensor that installs in seconds.

Computer Mounting Accessories

₩2,000 - ₩39,000

These genuine Bontrager and Trek cycling computer mounting accessories and replacement parts ensure your Bontrager or Trek cycling computer properly stays put on your bike.

This adjustable computer mount, for 31.8 bars, provides an infinite range of angles on either side or on top of the stem so you can dial the perfect spot. Fits all Bontrager Node, Bontrager Trip 1/2/5w and Trek Incite computer mounts.



Easily mount a cell phone and case directly to your bars for safe convenient access with the Insta-Mount and keep all of your favorite cycling and fitness apps safely accessible.

Seatpost Parts

Seatpost Head Parts

₩16,000 - ₩20,000

Make sure your new Bontrager saddle properly fits your old Bontrager seatpost. Genuine Bontrager seatpost head parts are specifically designed for a safe and sound interface between Bontrager posts and saddles.

With this clever little clamp you can quickly retro-fit any bike for a rear rack. Threaded eyelets are built into the clamp for easy, secure mounting on non-eyeleted or smaller frames.

Handlebar Parts

These bar end adapters are required if you wish to add clamp-style bar ends to your Bontrager Satellite Plus IsoZone handlebars.


The Transmitr Remote wirelessly controls up to seven Transmitr ready devices. It easily attaches to any bike’s handlebars for convenient on the bar control of all Transmitr lights.

Cycling Shoe Accessories

Squeeze more miles out of your Bontrager cycling shoes with these genuine Bontrager universal replacement parts.

Reality hits you hard and sometimes so does the trail. Get back on the bike with replacement buckles for your favorite Bontrager shoes.

Micro-adjust, low-profile buckle replacement to keep your 2014 shoes working great for the long haul.

Replace the top strap/pad assembly on your battle-worn 2012 Bontrager RXL-level Road and MTB shoes. Sold in pairs and easily replaceable, your shoes will be ready to ride again in no time.

Shoe Replacement Straps

₩5,000 - ₩16,000

Replace broken straps on your Bontrager road or mountain bike shoes with these genuine Bontrager replacement straps. These fit all buckled replaceable strap Bontrager road and mountain bike shoes.

Shoe Replacement Top Pads

₩7,700 - ₩14,000

Swap out those worn out top pads on your Bontrager RXL road or mountain bike shoes! These genuine Bontrager replacement top pads will have you comfortably back on your bike in no time!

Bike Brake Parts

The Bontrager Carbon Stop Cork pad was engineered by Keith Bontrager specifically to work with carbon rims.

Tubeless ready road wheels

TLR: Tubeless is finally ready.

Get all the benefits of a tubeless system on your road bike.

Node Computers

Node Computers: New generation of wireless.

Introducing the new Node 1.1 and Node 2.1. Streamlined user interface and super-intuitive software make our great Node computers even better.

Ride it and love it. If not, we’ll take it back.

Ride it and love it. If not, we’ll take it back.

It’s that simple.

If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your Bontrager products, return the item - along with the original sales receipt - to the place of purchase within 30 days of purchase date for exchange or store credit.

inForm Heat Moldable Footbed

inForm Custom Footbed Heat Molding Instructions

Bontrager inForm Heat Moldable Footbeds come as standard in RXL Road and RXL MTB shoes and are also available in an aftermarket kit that allows you to upgrade all Bontrager and non-Bontrager shoes to the personalized support and comfort of an ergonomic, custom-fit footbed. Download the setup guide and learn how to heat mold Bontrager inForm customizable footbeds to the unique characteristics of your feet. If you do not understand the information in the instructions, or you have a question about inForm Heat Moldable Footbeds that is not covered here, please consult your local Bontrager retailer for additional assistance.

Choose your instructions:
RXL Road or RXL MTB shoes or Aftermarket kit

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Bikes With DuoTrap Compatible Frames

The best way to tell if your bike can accept our integrated DuoTrap sensor is to look at the frame for compatibility. Standard speed and cadence sensors are compatible with most Trek, Gary Fisher, and other manufacturers bike frames. Please consult your local retailer if you have questions regarding compatibility.

No Image Available

SpeedTrap Compatible Bikes

The best way to tell if your bike can accept our integrated SpeedTrap sensor is to look at the fork for compatibility. Standard speed sensors are compatible with most Trek, Gary Fisher, and other manufacturers bike frames. Please consult your local retailer if you have questions regarding compatibility.