Bar Tape & Grips

Keep your hands happy and healthy with quality bike grips and handlebar tape from Bontrager.

Mountain Bike Grips

inForm Evoke RL


Introducing the first inForm grip designed specifically for off-road riders: the Evoke RL grip. With an advanced paddle-shaped design and smart trail-focused features, it's the ideal ergonomic solution for XC marathon riders and racers looking for a more supportive, more comfortable, trail-ready grip.

Race Lite Plus


Smooth out the roughest trails and never lose your grip with the larger diameter and more cushioned Race Lite Plus grips. With additional girth for riders who prefer a thicker grip. Single-clamp lock-on design and a hard inner core eliminate worries about wind-up and slipping.

Race Lite


When you're tearing up the trails, you love the damping, secure grip and cool style of traditional, MTB grips, but you like to really feel the bar. The new Race Lite lock-on grips are what you need. Single-clamp lock-on design and a hard inner core eliminate worries about slipping and the low-profile soft outer layer lets you really wrap your paws, and the aggressive texture keeps your hands where you want them: on the bars.



Grab hold of the low-profile Race grips, and set out to explore some sweet terrain. A soft outer layer with an aggressive texture ensures great hand traction while the inner core grasps securely to the bar to eliminate slipping.



At nearly half the weight of the RXL, the XXX grip takes minimalism to a whole new level. Constructed from special super-light EVA foam, this 15g grip is molded for a comfortable and ergonomic grip, letting you shed weight without sacrificing hand comfort.

Race X Lite


A must have for any weight wienie, these superlight EVA foam grips will shave precious grams from your handlebars without sacrificing comfort.

Fitness & Recreation Bike Grips

You love to ride anywhere, sometimes off-road on rough paths, and you need to protect your hands. Keep them fatigue-free and with a solid grip on the inForm IsoZone Satellite Grip's ergonomic, paddle-shaped perch. The improved hand support helps ease pressure over the ulnar nerve, the major source of hand fatigue. Featuring Zone Density construction and a distinctive, translucent, soft-touch section over the handlebar.

Satellite Elite


Take care of the hands that take care of you with Bontrager's Satellite Elite grip. Thanks to an ergonomic, paddle shape design that distributes hand pressure evenly, Satellite Elite grips help reduce hand fatigue. And with triple density construction, the Elite offers both variable padding and unbeatable vibration absorption. No wonder the Satellite Elite is the grip of choice for hand models the world over.

Satellite Plus


Grips don't get much more comfortable than Bontrager's Satellite Plus. An ergonomic palm extension gives added hand support while a dual-compound construction makes these grips both cushy and durable.

Handlebar Tape

Remain confident in your grip and keep riding through all weather conditions with the Supertack Handlebar tape.

The traditional feel of natural cork combines with the vibration damping power of gel to create a modern classic.

Microfiber Tape


Enjoy a closer connection to your bike and your ride with the ultra-lightweight Bontrager Microfiber bar tape. The close-to-bar feel of this microfiber tape is further enhanced with a durable no-slip surface. An adhesive backing ensures easy installation.

Gel Cork Tape


The traditional feel of natural cork combines with the vibration damping power of gel to create a modern classic.

inForm Satellite Plus IsoZone Handlebar

inForm Satellite Plus IsoZone Handlebar System

The complete solution for numb hands. Hand soreness, numbness, and fatigue are common complaints for hybrid, fitness, and long-distance mountain bike riders. Bontrager's new inForm Satellite Plus IsoZone Handlebar System uses Science of Comfort technology to relieve pressure on the hands, so you can ride longer and more comfortably.