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The one tire to choose if you could buy only one: Super low rolling resistance, outstanding grip in wet or dry, Hard-Case tread and sidewall protection make this a perfect tire for anytime training and occasional racing.



AW3 Hard-Case


  • AW design offers consisent braking and cornering traction in all weather conditions with low rolling resistance
  • Hard-Case - Lightweight sub-tread material and sidewall reinforcement reduce punctures and sidewall cuts
  • Aero Wings - Unique bead profile closes the gap between rim and tire for improved aerodynamics
  • Replaces the popular RXL Hard-Case All Weather tire
Part No. MSRP* Size TPI Bead Type Puncture Protection Color Color - Sidewall Weight
428644 59.99 700 x 23C 120 tpi Aramid Clincher Hard-Case Black Black 295g
428645 59.99 700 x 25C 120 tpi Aramid Clincher Hard-Case Black Black 305g

*Pricing is set by Bontrager retailers and does not include freight, import duties or taxes for retailers outside of the US.

AW3 Hard-Case
AW Tires:
<br>All seasons.
<br>No excuses.

AW Tires:
All seasons.
No excuses.

Ultra low rolling resistance; puncture protection; grippy, siped tread.

Hard-Case tire cross section

Anti-flat. Pro performance.

Bontrager Aero Wing

Aero Wings: Tires can be a drag. Not these.

Aero Wings

AW3 Hard-Case
Tire pressures

Tire Pressure Chart

The tire pressure you run depends on the conditions where you ride and the size of your tire. The following chart highlights the minimum and maximum rated tire pressure for each tire.