Efficiency. It's the name of the game in triathlon, whether it's an Ironman event or a sprint-distance race. And efficiency is what the RXL Hilo WSD is all about. From its quick-entry heel loop and large no pull-thru top strap to its efficient Silver Series Carbon sole and performance-proven inForm Pro WSD last, every detail of the Hilo's ultra-lightweight design is there to help you save precious energy for the run. Look out PR, here you come.

RXL Hilo Women's


  • inForm Pro last - Ergonomically optimized high-performance fit
  • Silver Series carbon sole - Carbon/fiberglass composite sole
  • Stiffness index 10
  • Features a no-pull-thru top strap and a set-it-and-forget-it forefoot strap
  • Micro-fiber uppers with flow-thru mesh panels
  • Easy-to-grab heel loop for quick entry
  • Medial side rubber band anchor allows faster entry for pre-mounted shoe
  • Fast-drying, perforated inForm footbed for airy comfort
Código Color Talla EE.UU Talla EU
426705 White 5,5 37
426706 White 6 37,5
RXL Hilo Women's
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RXL Hilo Women's
Pruébalo y te encantará. Si no, podrás devolverlo.

Pruébalo y te encantará. Si no, podrás devolverlo.

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