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Gunning for the Hole Shot. Grinding up a wall. Railing an off-camber turn. The super-light CX0 Team Issues cyclocross tires excel in all sorts of conditions. Fashioned after our World Cup cross country tires, the CX0 includes progressive shoulder knobs for great cornering, siped knobs for improved grip on climbs and descents and low central knob height for lower rolling resistance. Plus beefed up sidewall protection keep pinch flats at bay when running lower pressure.





  • Fast-rolling cyclocross tire
  • Excels in dry, hard conditions
  • Hard-Case Lite - Lightweight sub-tread material protects against punctures
  • Progressive shoulder knobs for great cornering
Part No. MSRP* Size TPI Bead Type Puncture Protection Color Color - Sidewall Weight
430074 59.99 700 x 34C 120 tpi Aramid Clincher Plus Black Black 340g
430075 59.99 700 x 38C 120 tpi Aramid Clincher Plus Black Black 375g

*Pricing is set by Bontrager retailers and does not include freight, import duties or taxes for retailers outside of the US.

Tire pressures

Tire Pressure Chart

The tire pressure you run depends on the conditions where you ride and the size of your tire. The following chart highlights the minimum and maximum rated tire pressure for each tire.