Light Sets

Safely ride into the night with the Glo front safety light and Ember tail light. The Glo throws a 12-lumen beam to mark your path on darkened city streets, while the Ember emits a bright red 8-lumen strobe or beam to alert others of your presence ahead of them. Both lights are USB rechargeable, and use simple silicone straps to quickly attach to just about any part of your bike or helmet.


  • Each set includes lights with focused optics and over 270 degrees of visibility
  • Ion 1 & Flare 1 set includes: Ion 1 headlight, Flare 1 taillight, SyncV2 bracket, belt clip, seat post clamp and seatstay clamp
  • Ion 2 & Flare 3 set includes: Ion 2 headlight, Flare 3 tail light, 2 SyncV2 brackets, steel belt clip, seat post clamp, seatstay clamp, and M5 nut for mounting on racks
  • Glo & Ember set includes: Glo headlight, Ember taillight and 2 silicone straps
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