Light Sets

Safely ride into the night with light sets from Bontrager, all featuring 270 dgees of visibility and steady and flash modes.


$27.99 CAD


  • Each set includes lights with focused optics and over 270 degrees of visibility
  • Ion 2 & Flare 3 set includes: Ion 2 headlight, Flare 3 taillight, SyncV2 bracket, belt clip, seat post clamp and seatstay clamp
  • Ion 1 & Flare 1 set includes: Ion 1 headlight, Flare 1 tail light, 2 SyncV2 brackets, steel belt clip, seat post clamp, seatstay clamp, and M5 nut for mounting on racks
  • Glo & Ember set includes: Glo headlight, Ember taillight and 2 silicone straps
Part No. MSRP* Model Visibility Run Time Battery Color Case
430877 27.99 Glo & Ember White 1000-2000ft. (305-610m) 40/45+ hours CR2032 (Coin) White 25
430876 27.99 Glo & Ember Black 1000-2000ft. (305-610m) 40/45+ hours CR2032 (Coin) Black 25

*Pricing is set by Bontrager retailers and does not include freight, import duties or taxes for retailers outside of the US.