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Your bike is your freedom. Trails, bike paths, roads, alleys, wherever. Don't be limited by your tires - the LT3 Hard-Case Ultimate is an all-condition, light trail specialty tire designed for fast rolling on both pavement and trails, without having to worry about rocks or debris causing flats.


$24.99 - $44.99

LT3 26


  • Light trail capability, smooth on the street
  • Open tread design for trail use
  • Available with Hard-Case Ultimate - Dual layer sub-tread material and sidewall reinforcement virtually eliminate punctures and cuts
  • 429065 is equipped with Hard-Case Ultimate puncture protection
Part No. MSRP* Size TPI Durometer Bead Type Puncture Protection Color Color - Sidewall Weight
429068 44.99 26" x 1.6 60 tpi 60a Wire Clincher Hard-Case Ultimate Black Black 700g
429066 24.99 26" x 1.6 30 tpi 60a Wire Clincher   Black   578g
429067 44.99 26" x 2.0 60 tpi 60a Wire Clincher Hard-Case Ultimate Black   825g
429065 24.99 26" x 2.0 30 tpi 60a Wire Clincher   Black   645g

*Pricing is set by Bontrager retailers and does not include freight, import duties or taxes for retailers outside of the US.

LT3 26
Tire pressures

Tire Pressure Chart

The tire pressure you run depends on the conditions where you ride and the size of your tire. The following chart highlights the minimum and maximum rated tire pressure for each tire.