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When you depend on your hybrid or road bike to get around town reliably, and cruise the paths with the family without the hassles of flats or dicey traction the H2 Hard-Case Lite Outlast 700c tire is a no-brainer. It's got a smooth rolling center, great cornering traction, and the HCL protection means outstanding puncture protection and light weight.


$39.99 - $54.99

H2 700c


  • The latest in pavement tire technology and design, the natural successor to the Satellite and Nebula
  • Lightweight and supple casing
  • Durable and smooth riding tread compound
  • Advanced tread design for great traction, wet or dry
  • All Deluxe and Hard-Case Lite level tires are made from Bontrager's exclusive Outlast construction
  • Outlast tires include natural rubber from sustainable harvest practices and up to 15% reclaimed rubber
  • Outlast tire treads last up to 50% longer than standard tire treads with no sacrifice in performance
  • 411263 has a reflective sidewall stripe
Part No. MSRP* FT/RR/PR Size TPI Bead Type Color Weight Durometer Color - Sidewall
429074 44.99 Dual 700 x 28C (Hard-Case Ultimate) 60 Wire Clincher Black 425g    
429064 39.99 Dual 700 x 28C (Deluxe) 60 Aramid Clincher Black 331g    
429053 39.99 Dual 700 x 35C (Deluxe) 60 Aramid Clincher Black 403g    
429073 44.99 Dual 700 x 38C (Hard-Case Ultimate) 60 Wire Clincher Black 596g    
429083 54.99 Dual 700 x 38C (Hard-Case Ultimate) 60 Wire Clincher Black 596g 62a Reflective

*Pricing is set by Bontrager retailers and does not include freight, import duties or taxes for retailers outside of the US.

H2 700c
Hard-Case tire cross section

Anti-flat. Pro performance.

H2 700c
Tire pressures

Tire Pressure Chart

The tire pressure you run depends on the conditions where you ride and the size of your tire. The following chart highlights the minimum and maximum rated tire pressure for each tire.