Tubeless Replacement Parts

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Everything you need to convert a Bontrager TLR (Tubeless Ready) wheel, or TLR rim, to tubeless.




  • These parts are to be used specifically with Bontrager TLR (Tubeless Ready) wheels
  • Sealing strips weigh 35g (1.23oz) each and valves weigh 8g (.28oz) each
  • Asymmetric sealing strips have an off-center channel on the bottom of strip
  • Installation instructions are available in wheel owner's manuals and at
  • Part Number 429879 is to be used with Bontrager Road TLR wheels
  • Part Number 433383 is to be used ONLY with 2014 29” MTB wheels
Part No. MSRP* Model Size Width Color
400337 9.99 RXL 29er Tubeless Rim Strip 29" 622 x 19 Black

*Pricing is set by Bontrager retailers and does not include freight, import duties or taxes for retailers outside of the US.

Tire pressures

Tire Pressure Chart

The tire pressure you run depends on the conditions where you ride and the size of your tire. The following chart highlights the minimum and maximum rated tire pressure for each tire.